• Isoke James

A table for two

I used to fear the stars until I looked into your eyes and I realized that God reflected galaxies

through your pupils.

Traveling through your portal illuminated the physical reality that I too can live in color and am deserving of all the light I see within you.

Because —

Here is the truth:

I used to be fearful of light because I had found comfort in darkness and I knew too much exposure would be damaging to who I was inside.

That little guy,

Who only sort of rises to occasion occasionally.

You see,

I needed permission to stop playing it small.

To get big , to get tall

and step into my position

of becoming the world’s must precious gift.

You too,

— are the worlds most precious gift,

don’t get it twisted.


the deeper I look into you the more I seen myself.

The pupil of your eyes were like a baptismal pool.

Dip me under and am renewed.

U are a jewel,

In the crown of all kings.

—And truth is,

You have never been mine to own,

only to hold.

And if we can be completely honest,

maybe not even,


you’re only meant to be delicately stroked.

— And please believe I will delicately stroke.

Maybe choke

— but not for long,

because like breath

through your bosom I am reborn.

Please allow me,

to lay my head upon your pillow


and listen to your heart beat.

It reminds me

of where I come from;

For in a mother’s womb I grew,

in 40 weeks.

I’m weak.

Better yet,

actually through you I find my strength.

Through you I find my peace.

Through you I realize that there’s more to life.

— And everything I thought was complicated is actually simple,

as long as I stay grounded in the moment that has been placed before me.

Because for so long,

I was addicted to this stories.

You know? Those stories

that were told before me

and for me

that described life as this blissful pain.

And the one who won the game,

Was the Nigga that was able to pull himself up by his bootstrap.

— That trap,

because we were really in barrels

and for his rise

he demised and stepped on the backs of the niggas he knew.

And I was so addicted to being used,

so addicted to sprinting this race

exhausting myself, while I thought I was exhausting the possibilities.

So when you told me it was ok to rest,


I thought you was crazy!

But, you sat me down real gentle,

and thats when I got a glimpse

to realized that

God reflected galaxies through your pupils

But you were only looking at me.


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